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20 things you should know before walking into a cell phone store Aug. 30th, 2011 @ 09:36 pm
8 The Phone Companies Do Not Make the Products
(AT&T did not construct the Iphone. Verizon did not come up with the idea of making a touch screen Blackberry and calling it the Strom and T-Mobile did not design the software for the Sidekick. Please remember that though we sell the products, we did not make it.  So the next time you decide to go off on the representative because you thought it was stupid that they didn’t include headphones with the phone, or that we don’t carry certain accessories, write the manufacturer first.)

see my page for the rest

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I am surprised....somewhat Jun. 13th, 2008 @ 01:04 pm
I am surprised at people when they call up here. So what if you have a broken TV the world is not going to end. Oh, you can't watch the upcoming basketball games or whatever sports show or drama you watch? Your kids will have nothing to do without their Dora the Explorer or Pokemans? GET OVER IT! We all rely on these forms of entertainment WAY to much. Our TV's, videogames, Computers etc...

Granted I'm no better. But when my PC went through it's recent accident and I had nothing to do or anything (this was before our new TV and such) I read books or wrote stuff. When people call up complaining that their kids will have nothing to do, that disgusts me. SPEND SOME TIME WITH THEM! READ BOOKS TO THEM! Do something! A TV is not a babysitter!

Jun. 5th, 2008 @ 11:22 pm
 The DO'S and DON'TS of when calling up customer service/tech support

DON'T start the call with your life story/sob story about how this horrible product/service has been ever since you got it. If it was that horrible since the start, you should've taken it back.

DON'T tell us that you're going to take back said product/cancel service and tell all your friends to with another said product/service, why? We DON'T CARE.

DON'T think that talking to a supervisor will get your way anymore than it did with us. They are trained to say NO. We, the agents, sometimes have to say no a little more politely.

DON'T call us up when you have no idea how to work said product and your husband/wife is the smart one, but because they aren't home you think you can manage to work it. Have patience and wait until they come home.

DON'T yell at us, curse at us, talk to us in a condescending manner. Why? Well because, acting like a little baby on the phone will NOT get your way any more or any faster. Also, that will cause us to NOT want to help you any more. We MIGHT act like our connection is getting bad and suddenly drop!

DON'T call us up without having the neccessary information that we need to help you. For example, if calling in about a TV, we NEED the model number. If calling in about a PC, we NEED to know what OS it's running. etc....etc...Telling us you DON'T know and that info isn't important and we should help you anyway only frustrates us and YOU more. Without knowing what we're working on it's like trying to breathe underwater. You think you can do it but it's NOT going to happen.

DON'T tell us how to do our job. Granted there are a few employees that aren't the brightest, but I DON'T tell you how to do your job, DON'T tell me how to do mine.

DON'T interrupt

DO keep focus

DO get straight to the point with your reason to call us. We don't want to talk to you, and appreciate when you get to the point.

DO understand that nothing in life is perfect. Your brand new TV/Car/PC broke down after a few hours of owning it sucks, but it DOES happen. Take care of your business and either take it back or put up with it.

DO understand I don't speak Spanish even though you accidently got onto my phone.

DO understand that I need your help as much as you need mine. Failing to describe what you are doing or what you see when troubleshooting does NOT help me. I am not psychic and can see through my phone or what you are doing on the PC.

To the consumers May. 2nd, 2008 @ 11:19 am
Dear Consumer,

    Though I do appreciate you buying our product and calling our customer tech support for assistance, in no way does that mean we actually care about you. We actually don't give a crap if you fell off the face of the earth. By telling us you will take back our product to the store means we never have to talk to you again.

    By saying threats such as, "You don't stand behind your product" or "This is your product and this is your problem" does not makes us want to grovel to our knees and beg you to be happy with us in fact it does the opposite. While you yell and scream at us and talk to us in a very condescending manner, we have you on mute laughing our asses off or writhing in anger knowing you would never dare say that to our faces as you know you would expect a beat down from us. But Mr. I bought this 5000 dollar TV thinks he is better than me but I'm not the one with a broken TV. So at the end of the day I will go home and forget you even exist.

    We talk to 100's of people a day and your problem is no more important than their's. You mean absolutely nothing to us. Spreading your internet smear campaign will not cause us to lose sales as we are a worldwide company that will probably not falter for a very long time.

A Tech Support Agent

(Phew I feel much better now!)

Some people Mar. 18th, 2008 @ 07:32 pm
We are call center agents. We get calls from all over the world. You talk to all walks and forms of life every single day you work. There are 6 billion people in this world and growing everyday yet you have to sit behind a computer and take calls from these people everyday. Never knowing who you are going to get and what the outcome will be. Does this make the job sound exciting? Well to the experienced person no it would not. After doing call centers for a year now I am quite tired of it. Never in my life has one job caused so much stress to my life in such a short amount of time. I have gained so much weight from just sitting around and I try to work out and lose weight but life tends to get in the way and sitting here for 10 hours a day doesn't help matters.

Being in a call center I see people that take this job WAY too seriously. I mean if that's what they wanna do in life then all the more power for them. Seeing as the company I work for is such a joke and they care little for their employee's I can't see how I would want to be here or even get promoted.

So two of my co-workers got their 6 month review. Basically it's an interview to determine whether or not you get a promotion. You know how to get a promotion here? Only by numbers, your stats. You could be the dumbest person on the phone and get a raise as long as you cheat the system. My two co workers are hard working and help people out on calls and basically all that good stuff and did they get a raise? Nope not a single dime. My 1st call center job based raises on how you were as a person and not numbers (even though that job did suck at the end). here it's based all on stats which is ridiculous. I've known some people working here for over a year and not seen a single dime and they were some of the best techs we had here. I don't blame them for quitting.

So basically to get a raise here you have to cheat the system which some techs have learned to skew their stat numbers and make themselves look very good on paper. I hate this place
Other entries
» I hate it
So it has been about 5 weeks since I last posted in here. Things have not gotten any better here in this hell hole it's actually gotten worse. This job is slowly turning into my old job like at AOL where you have 5 million people breathing down your neck wanting you to finish every call in the allotted time they give you.

They have become so strict lately that you no longer follow the schedule they give you. Your manager decides when to give you breaks and lunches if you get any. If there are calls in queue you will not go on lunch or break until they are taken. If calls are backed up all day hahaha good luck, you stay on the phone! I'm getting tired of coming to this place day after day.

I'm so tired of this place being understaffed and we get bombarded with calls. I'm so tired of this place hiring a bunch of morons that take calls. I'm so tired listening to whiny people complain about the dumbest things about TVs. Yes your TV is broken, no you will not get a new one. I don't care you spent 3000 dollars on a TV and you just got it home today and it won't power on. TAKE IT BACK TO THE STORE don't call bother me! yes I realize you are 80 years old and unplugging a TV is the most advanced technical thing you've ever done and it requires a Master's Degree in engineering for you but don't give me this crap that you have stage 4 cancer and on the brink of death and want someone to come plug in your tv for you!

Another thing that gripes me is on some calls we have to write some detailed notes about the issue and what not. Sometimes we have to keep writing these notes after the call is over for 2-3 minutes. Yet you get yelled at for being in what they call aftercall for that long yet if you don't put in those notes you get yelled at by 3 different people. Basically a no win situation.

I used to have a very proactive attitude about this place. I was very helpful and friendly with everyone. Now that I'm seeing the changes that occur before my eyes I've just gone back to the way I used to be in high school just very reserved and wish to not be bothered by anyone. Only talking to a few select people and thats it. When management tries to be buddy buddy with me I sort of nonchalantly ignore it. I'm just here to do my job and get paid I'm not interested in moving up anymore after seeing how this place operates. I'm sure all call centers operate the same way so oh well.

Ok just got finished with a call as I am writing this. Honestly, people are fucking stupid. How hard is it to connect a cable box/dvd player/vcr? YOU JUST MATCH THE COLORS! Red goes with red, white goes with white, and yellow goes with yellow. But for some people they are either way too stupid or color blind and they get scared and don't know how to do it.

I sometimes miss AOL tech support calls. Alot of those calls were very stupid but some of them could be complicated. Having to go into the system32 menu and changing some registry keys around to fix a problem. These calls get rather dull and mundane because TVs are very easy and not complicated which makes it boring. I do think PC tech support calls attract extremely dumb people but TV tech support calls attract dumb people too but not as bad. The bad calls are the ones who don't understand to match the colors.

Honestly, how stupid can people be? Ugh I just hate it all. Fuck this job, fuck these people and fuck this place. I wish death upon all customers who call up for Philips tech support, just like I did with AOL.
» Waiting for the end

So I sit here in my cubicle waiting for my friend to get off work so we can go to his house. Today is Saturday, just an FYI Saturday's are usually THE worse days in the center. Except today....today was a a good day. it was SLOW. I still had back to back calls cause of the queue I'm placed in, but I didn't feel like we were being pummeled by calls today. It was simply wonderful.

Also to add, I had one of the funniest calls I've ever heard today. Ok so the call is a normal one. Someone wanted to know how to change the input channels on her TV. She did not have the orignial remote for the TV so she had a universal. I advised her to try channeling down and it went through the input channels and she said the usual Thanks! You're so great! But she forgot to hang up the phone and I hear yelling:


I had it on mute and I naturally burst into tears from the laughter. I could not contain it so I didn't release the call and kept listening. Basically her boyfriend or whomever was laughing at her and she was pissed. It lasted for 10 minutes until I hung up to take my break. That made my day.

I do want to get into more AOL calls but my mind seems to be a bit blank right now. So I'll save it for another day.


» Annoyed

Oi, so I'm on lunch right now and just plain aggrivated right now. My day started off fine, I watched the movie Sicko by Micheal Moore. Very interesting. I come into work and find we are busy but it's Wednesday so what else is new? All my calls today so far have been nothing but ridiculously stupid angry people. I don't want to get into it because I don't want to veer off my telling of the depths of AOL Hell.

So today's post will be about some aggrivating/stupid/ridiculous calls from AOL.

If anyone has ever done Computer Tech Support, you know people are extremely dumb and think a computer is the most complicated machinery in the face of the world. Performing a copy and paste requires vast knowledge of the inner workings of a PC. Or highlighting multiple icons at once needs a college education. I may be dramatic but to these people that have called me up acting like this.

This next call I am about to recall is in no way meant to make fun of anyone with special needs. In fact it could've been a prank call but I was too new at the time to really know.

"Thank you for calling AOL tech support, how can I help you?"
"I need to know the name of the AOL running man! It's important!"

I had a blank face..My only thought was WTF?

"Sir? I'm not sure what you're asking but how can I assist you today?"
"The AOL running man! What's his name? I NEED TO KNOW?!?!?"

Yelling in my ear, I had a face of grimace and disgust. He continued to yell finally ending the call:

"Why don't you know his name? HIS NAME IS BOB!" *click* 

And this just reminded me of another call I had towards the end of my AOL career.

"Thank you for calling AOL, how can I help you?"

"I forgot my password could you reset it?"

This was a typical call we got all the time, so I went about it the normal way. Verified her information and asked her account question and reset it. Advised everything was good to go but she couldn't sign on still. So I asked her to make sure she didn't have caps lock on and her keyboard was plugged in. She still could not log in. So I changed it one more time and she couldn't log in again. (Password changes take effect right away in case you're wondering) I began to get suspicious. I asked the lady to describe what was showing on her screen.

"It says User name and Password."

I almost wanted to hang up on her right away. Anyone who has worked for or used AOL knows the sign on screen says Screen Name not User name. I knew she forgot her password for Windows.

"So you forgot your Windows password?"
"Yes! Can you reset it for me?"

I began to tell her I can only change her AOL password. Unfortunately she didn't understand the difference she thought it was the same. I tried explaining that AOL is just a program on her computer and I cannot change her Windows password. She thought that was so ridiculous and began to argue with me and DEMANDED I change her Windows password. I had to take charge and tell her:

"No! I will not change your windows password. NO! I do not have the power to do so! You WILL call your computer manufacter! And thank you for calling AOL!" and I released the call.

I probably would've got popped on that call if someone was listening. I never did.

After a few weeks working for AOL I hated it so much but loved it at the same time. The thing that made it enjoyable were the people. We all hated the job and we commiserated together. The one thing I did hate also was how strict it was there. I swear it felt like anyday you could lose your job. One day you would see someone and the next their desk would be empty and no one knows what happened. If you went over 10 minutes on a call someone would be monitoring your call or someone would appear behind you telling you to get off immediately breathing down your neck. I would get so nervous I would perform even worse and get marked for it.

Well, I have plenty of more stories about AOL so I'm not quite done yet. Plus I had one of the craziest calls in the call center history. So stay tuned for that.


» And so it begins
So it's just another day at work. As I last left off, I was introducing myself and how I began my journey down the dark depths of the call center.

So I want to go back to my days at AOL Tech Support. It was my first job of the like so I was excited. It felt like a "real" job compared to my previous jobs. I got my own cubicle and own computer and everything so naturally I was excited. I can remember after training was over and we finally got on the phones, reality hit.

"Thank you for calling AOL Tech Support, how can I help you?"
"Help! Someone stole all my credit card information and my SSN!"

And there I was with a blank face, nothing prepared me for this.

"Sorry to hear that ma'am how did this happen?"
"I thought AOL sent me an email wanting all my bank information and credit and SSN, so I filled it out and sent it to them!"

Still with a blank face, I could not believe I was hearing this. This was my first step into knowing how "smart" people were. Eventually I got her off my phone, she had to deal with her bank and whomever else. AOL couldn't help her. I felt bad but eventually I learned quickly to not care about these people calling in.

You would be amazed to know that many people think AOL IS their Computer and not just a software program. Also I'm sure you're not surprised when people don't even know a SINGLE thing about computers.

"What version of Windows are you running?"
"Microwave 95!"


"Windows 2000 XP"

better yet

"Windows 97"

Probably the best explanation I heard about a cable modem was this:

"I have a 5 megawatt cable modem and it is very fast!"

So I pondered how a cable modem connected to the internet and powered someone's house.

Besides the many people who would call in with some of the most trivial things. Such as someone deleting an email 2 years ago and wanted us to retrieve in our huge database of emails. Or someone had 20,000 emails in their mailbox and 1000 of them disappeared and it was VERY IMPORTANT we get those back. It just made me wonder who keeps that many emails?

As I sit at working typing this thing, I am reminded of how we would handle supervisor calls at AOL. If a person was so frustrated at you or did not like your anwser (cause it was the correct one) they would demand a supervisor. Our process for supervisor calls at AOL was:

"If they ask for a supervisor put them on hold and pretend to look for one and come back saying they are at a meeting right now and to call us back later"

Usually that would get them off the line except for the stubborn ones. The stubborn ones we would use the unspoken rule and transfer them to our cancellation department. I'm sure they were so happy with that. I have many other stories abut AOL before the well is dry. I think I will go into more of them next time I post.


» The Beginning
I'm basically writing this blog as I have found lack of other blogs that relate to this subject. (Or else I'm just not searching in the right places)

I work at a Call Center. More specifically, I work for Philips Tech Support. I take calls in regards of consumer electronics. Some of the more higher end electronics, such as TVs, Home theaters, and the such. My job is rather easy. As long as you have basic knowledge of electronics and a basic knowledge of computers, it can be rather easy.

Let me give you a history of my previous Call Center History.

I first began my journey in the call center environment with AOL. I shudder at the name also. I worked for AOL Tech Support. The training was very fun and then the time we were on the phones was simply a nightmare. Now most stories I've heard or read about computer tech support could be bad, I found it hard to believe what could be worse than AOL? I hated AOL with a passion. The only exciting thing about the job was working with computers and doing computer tech support (when it required it, not the crummy AOL support), when you got to be down and dirty in the windows registry or system32 folder.

I have lots of stories about that place but maybe for another time. Basically AOL laid off all American Employees.

Now I work for Philips. I enjoy it here, though it can be awfully repitive. Right now they have me on what they call Simplicity Advantage program. Basically it's the same thing but I have more power and I don't have to take as many calls as I had before. I get to take my time and have no one breathing down my neck if I take over 10 minutes on a call. Now my average calls take anywhere from 15-30 minutes which is normal for Simplicity agents, which makes me a bit more happier. It's no longer about quantity of calls, it's about quality and customer service again.


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